Caulking & Sealants - We provide commercial-grade silicone and urethane to fit your needs.  We always remove all of the old caulk/sealant and grind out any residual debris and provide new backer rod along with the new caulk/sealant.  We specialize in treating window perimeters, control joints, and wet glazing (glass to frame).

Metal Roof Coating - Many roofs are till in good enough shape to coat, thereby extending the warranty life 10-15 years.

Wall Coating - We can wash your walls and provide a new waterproof coating to extend the life of your eifs, concrete, brick or CMU wall.

Deck Coating - We can provide a parking deck waterproof coating for vehicular traffic or pedestrian waterproof coatings for walking areas.

Concrete Repair - We can patch your concrete, block, or brick with proper mortar repairs.

Masonry Repair - From tuckpointing to brick and block replacement and patching, we can take care of your masonry repair needs!

Washing - We can pressure wash your buildings, walkways, and driveways.

Water Repellents - We can apply water repellents to extend the life of your concrete, block, block and mortar.

Specialty Roof Coatings - We provide services to add a special coating to your roof to extend the life of your building.

Tuck Pointing Brick - We cut away cracked or spalled mortar and replace with mortar.

Below-Grade Waterproofing - We waterproof exterior areas below the ground surface.  There are interior options for this as well, if the exterior is not accessible.


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